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The OMNIFECT® brand represents the combination of success to improve animal health and at the same time achieve greater economic profitability in the animal’s fattening cycle. Our mission is to improve the welfare and health of animals with natural products and at the same time create added value for our customers. Omnifect Ibérica has, at the same time, a consulting and advisory department in organic waste treatment systems and product application and methodologies in the elimination of odors and polluting emissions.

OMNIFECT® products are manufactured and developed in Spain, near Barcelona, ​​by Aplidium & Solutio SL. Worldwide distribution is carried out exclusively through the company Ginder Invest SL and its distribution partners and in Spain and Portugal through OMNIFECT IBERICA , SL

Mr. Antoni Aguilera has been responsible for research and development since 2008, products, applications and treatments, which had the characteristics of being natural, aimed at improving animal health and welfare, reducing allopathic treatments and reducing or control of emissions or acidifying or eutrophication substances that affect the environment or the subsoil. In 2013 Aplidium & Solutio S.L. from the hand of Mr. Antoni Aguilera, who has continued to consolidate and expand the company.

2018 was an important year for the company. A new office and greater production capacity was created. GMP + certification and recognition of the QS quality system has been another important step to meet the needs of our customers.

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