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Elimination of smell from pets

Characteristics and definition

ALOE MASCOTAS is an extraordinary and powerful odor eliminator with a broad spectrum of action, which inhibits the unpleasant odor generated by pets in general. These smells come from the sweating of animals and the perception is unpleasant and annoying. Animals, however clean they are, always emit this type of odors, which are essentially fatty acids. At the same time, pets provide odors characteristic of flatulence and / or urine and others typical of their vital activity. The wide range of action of ALOE MASCOTAS also allows the mitigation of odors derived from amines and nitrogen in general

ALOE MASCOTAS contains floral essences in which Aloe Vera stands out above the other essences.

Mode of use

Spray the animal’s hair with the product. In principle with very few milliliters (6ml are approx. 3 clicks) should be sufficient. The mitigation of unpleasant odour will determine the efficiency of the dose.

In no case, the dilutions presented in our products, can be harmful to the health of the animal. The Sales Agent is recommended to have the technical and safety data sheet of the product.

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