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Greenti-mix y FinGel-N

Lines: Waste treatment and composting and Water treatment and lagoon


Omnifect Iberica, S.L. has developed a treatment based on the configuration of a new technological premix, marketed under the name of Greenti-Mix 08/0505, whose reaction mechanism is based on stimulating the microbial activity and, in particular, the metabolism related to the ammonification process and nitrification, having obtained higher figures of 10 and 12 times more bioactivity in this type of bacteria. This would involve the transformation of manure nitrogen or slurry of its Ammoniacal compound N-NH4, to its ionization in the form of ammonium NH4 + in considerable volume, optimal for a better environmental and agronomic benefit.


In the case of determining a high coefficient of presence of Nk, (indexes higher than 5Kg / m3), we can apply FinGel-N/0425, it is a completely new enzymatic formulation ECOLOGICAL especially developed for the fast fixation of nitrogen in its ionic form NH4 +, facilitating and accelerating the start of the biological process of nitrogen through a reaction by adsorption. It is fundamental at the beginning of the treatment process due to its ammonifying capacity and therefore facilitating the start of the macrobiotic colonization process performed by the Bio-stimulation obtained by the product Greenti-Mix 080/0505, in the later phase of the treatment.