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That’s behind it

OMNIFECT® AVICO is a nutritional supplement specially designed for laying hens and broiler chickens. With our mineral premix, which consists of 100% natural ingredients, it is possible to improve the health and daily gains in fattening animals.
In addition to the financial aspect (you get to reach the desired weight of fattening faster, less disease, less mortality, …) our unique product also reduces the levels of nitrate and phosphorus in the bottom of your livestock.

OMNIFECT® further reduces the nitrogen and ammonia content, which results in significantly cleaner air in the barn.

The effect of OMNIFECT® AVICO has been proven by independent studies.

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The most important benefits

  • Better absorption of vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • Healthy intestinal flora.
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improvement of metabolism.
  • Better transformation index.
  • Average of approximately 150 g more of slaughter weight
  • Healthier intestinal biota, since the number of beneficial bacteria increases significantly
  • Daily weight increase (about 2 days reduced fattening time)
  • Less ammonia emissions (NH3)
  • Better air in the barn.
  • Up to 43% less E. coli bacteria
  • Less pathogens in the bed due to drier excretions.
  • Less pollution thru nitrates in groundwater.


  • Registered in the EU
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Without GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • Permanent quality-tested (GMP +)
  • Successfully tested in Germany, Spain and Denmark
  • PH value 8 approx.

Results with broiler chickens

Up to 43% less E. coli bacteria

∅ 150 g more weight in slaughter weight

fattening time reduced by 2 days

Only 2.7kg / t (see label)

All values compared to fattening without OMNIFECT®

Test group Control group
Amount of feed 55.440 40.937
Number of chickens at the end 11.735 7.745
Average weight per chicken 2,56 2,51
Number of fattening days 43,6 45,4
Gain in daily weight 0,0587 0,0553
Weight after 45 days (kg) 2,64 2,49
E.Coli (NMP/g) 5,20E8 9,12E8
Increase in weight in chicken carcass (kg) +0,153
Increase in weight in chicken carcass (%) +6,2%
E. Coli -42,9%

The values were obtained through an independent investigation during the fattening period of the chicken.

Dosage of the product in the broiler:
12g / chicken distributed evenly in 45 days

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For breeders, animal shelters and distributors, we offer our OMNIFECT® products for large-scale consumers on palletts.