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Odor Elimination and Urination Reiteration Treatment

Characteristics and definition

URICAN is an extraordinary and powerful odor eliminator, with a broad spectrum of action, which inhibits the odour discomfort generated by pets in general. However, it is very efficient in eliminating odours from the urine and feces of pets, and whose essence prevents the repetition of urination in the treated area. Its eliminating effect of ammonia odours, prevents pets from repeating urination in the same place, because they do not perceive the odours of previous pets that have urinated in the same place. At the same time, the organic load of these wastes includes other types of gases derived from the digestive system itself. This extends the components to sulfur compounds, sulfides and di-sulfides, thiols or mercaptans, butyric acid and obviously methanes. All these compounds have a very intense and annoying odorific level.

URICAN has very broad spectrum characteristics, whose activity allows the mitigation of any of these olfactory discomforts

It is important to highlight the odor eliminating character of the product. Any air freshener or unpleasant odours masker cannot “break” the molecule that generates the bad smell and it will accumulate in the environment or in tissues, wood, soil, etc., once its activity ceases. Our odour removers, based on floral essences, contain natural eliminators that, by chemical reaction, attract foul-smelling molecules destroying their original effect.

URICAN contains floral essences such as Jasmine and Talc.

Scope of application

On vertical walls.

Mode of use

Spray the affected area with the product. In principle with very few milliliters (30ml are approx. 16 clicks) should be enough in an approx. area of 1m2. The mitigation of unpleasant odour will determine the efficiency of the dose.

In no case, the dilutions presented in our products can be harmful to health. The Sales Agent is recommended to have the technical and safety data sheet of the product.

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